Our Mission

Image of the top of the Black Desert in Bahariya Oasis Egypt


We customize your trip to be as sustainable as possible, by reducing fuel consumption and offer stays in eco-friendly destinations.

Bedouin boy on the beaches of Dahab Egypt

Local Tourism

We support tourism that benefits the locals as well as the environment. We offer local stays, drivers, guides and guesthouses. We prefer to work with individuals and sail away from mass tourism.

Sustainable Activities

We offer sustainable as well as eco-friendly activities to better shape the tourism in Egypt; such as hiking, felucca rides, diving, snorkeling, camping, and a lot more.

Off The Beaten Track

We strive away from mass tourism by encouraging our clients to stay at local authentic destinations, where you interact more with the locals while enjoying the amazing environment.


Leaving your comfort zone and getting engaged in something new is what we are made of. We love to go on adventures whether on land or in deep waters, it’s always amazing to discover more about our planet.

The concept

We support tourism that benefits travelers as well as local people.

Our trips always aim to offer the most authentic experience possible, we also value any place, accommodation, transport, that respects a minimum of ecological standards.

We flee mass tourism and instead look for local nuggets, while always trying to bring personalization and uniqueness to our travels.

We advocate traveling off the beaten track!

Behind the concept


A Frenchwoman from the Loire Valley and a great explorer of our beloved planet, I’ve been creating tailor-made trips for almost 10 years, specializing in Egypt and Kenya, where I used to live.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, I had been creating my own tailor-made trips in Egypt for 2 years.

It was during my first trip to Egypt in 2020 that I fell under the country’s spell and specialized in the destination, discovering experiences far from the classics and unearthing little-known nuggets.

Today, I apply my knowledge of travel, my expertise in the field and my excellent local network to unearth the finest experiences.

One of my greatest wishes? To help people discover Egypt in a different way.


Originally from Cairo and born in Moscow, I’ve always been drawn to authentic and cultural destinations, while promoting sustainable tourism.

Graduate in architecture, I then turned to project management by studying social development, focusing in the effects of tourism on communities and social sustainability, which today brings real added value to the organization of the proposed immersive trips.

I take part in the organization of tailor-made trips in Egypt by being the main local coordinator, and by promoting responsible tourism in my country as much as possible.

One of my greatest wishes? To change the way people travel in Egypt.

reasons to
Book through
La Toupie Voyageuse

A real experience in the field with more than 10 years around the world including 2 years in Egypt

Excellent network of legitimate and qualified local partners including carefully selected French-speaking guides

A gain of authenticity by getting off the beaten track and traveling in harmony with cultures and natural environments

A refined Franco-Egyptian touch thanks to the pair Marion & Heba who are behind each pharaonic creation of La Toupie Voyageuse, mixing the eye of a Frenchwoman and the soul of an Egyptian.

Exclusive sharing of personal photos (website, estimate, travel diary) to immerse the future project as close as possible to reality.

to visit egypt

A destination for all tastes: with its thousand-year-old temples, its endless sand dunes, its world-famous coral reefs, its lunar landscapes and deserted oases…

A safe and peaceful country: There is no real security problem in Egypt. It is possible to travel with confidence in respecting the habits and customs

An endearing population: The Egyptians are warm and welcoming, never stingy with jokes and an extraordinary sense of sharing

An ideal climate accessible in 4 hours from Paris: the level of sunshine throughout the year allows a quick getaway and the promise of a total change of scenery

A unique experience: traveling to Egypt in 2022 is the guarantee of enjoying sites that are still little visited, far from over-tourism.

to organize your
tailor-made trip

A “tailor-made” trip adapted to tastes, desires, requirements, budget

Serenity of saving time and energy thanks to the A to Z organization of the trip

The quality of providers carefully selected for responsible and authentic tourism

A turnkey trip with the delivery of a complete, personalized and precise travel diary

A surprise effect by avoiding doing all the research yourself and thus losing your wonder

We don’t just visit a country, we live it!

Want us to organize your trip?

Traveler reviews

Photo de Travel as a couple

I could not have dreamed of a better experience, Marion is a very caring manager who you can trust! I give 5 stars!!

Photo de Travel as a couple

What an incredible journey I was able to make thanks to La Toupie Voyageuse, which was able to understand in details what I really want. The journey made last March was very exciting! As soon as I arrived in Cairo, I found I was welcomed by our driver who handed me my new local SIM card! Immediately, I was confident that Marion gives attention to details for her travelers. Accommodation, transport, management of visits to museums, temples, nothing was left to chance. She paid attention to our search of authenticity, flawless support, top guides (French-speaking Egyptians) who allowed me to discover what I would undoubtedly have flown over if they had not been present. . We guess at La Toupie Voyageuse its desire to share its passion and this is reflected in the quality of its services. From Cairo to Aswan via Luxor, my 8 days spent in Egypt will remain unforgettable. Really I have entered history, the one that cannot be forgotten. Thank you Marion

Photo de Solo travel

Great trip to Egypt thanks to Marion! Marion had planned everything and it was very reassuring to be able to count on her. She called me to check that everything was fine for example when she had organized a long taxi ride, she was always careful that I did not have to wait etc. Really attentive and she had great contacts, the guide was great! For peace of mind and an unforgettable stay I recommend Marion

Photo de Solo travel

I have been dreaming of discovering and visiting ancient Egypt. Thanks to La Toupie Voyageuse, I finally lived this dream. The stay concocted by Marion was a marvellous: The discovery of the pyramids, the temples, the valley of the kings they all fascinated me. And to talk about travelling down the Nile river between Aswan and Luxor with stops along the way to visit the different sites. This cruise on a Dahabiya is a marvel of change of scenery and well-being. This small boat is very comfortable with a staff that takes great care of tourists. In addition, Marion knows how to find accommodation far from large hotel complexes to preserve authenticity. Thank you to La Toupie Voyageuse for this magical journey.